Baby/Toddler and parent group classes


Aqua Bubs & Babies

Waterwise babies develop a love for the water in a caring, nurturing environment. We take your little ones through a carefully designed program which focuses on movements that stimulate the senses and motor/ brain development.

Through playful activities, this is a class to explore and develop a beautiful bond with your baby and the aquatic environment.

Aqua Bubs (4-6 months old) – FREE CLASS
Babies (6-12 months old) – $15

Class Schedule

AQUA BUBS (4-6 months) Free Class

Monday: 12:30pm
Tuesday: 12:00pm 

BABIES (6-12 months)

Monday: 12:00pm
Tuesday: 12:00pm
Wednesday: 11:30am


The infant program is designed to promote movement through water, floating and water safety. Infants focus on breath control activities to enable them to explore underwater.

Safety Activities include:

  • Independent holding on to the side of the pool.
  • “Monkey Monkey” to safe exit
  • Falling in and returning to the wall
  • Back float

Infants (12-24 months) –  $20

Class Schedule

INFANTS (12-24 months)

Monday:  9:30am, 10:30am &  11:30am
Tuesday:  10:30am & 11:30am
Wednesday:  11:00am
Thursday:  11:00am & 11:30am
Saturday:   1:00pm

Toddlers & Transition

Energetic toddlers are engaged in an exciting program packed full of fun activities. A focus on water safety is essential at this age. Establishing early aquatic safety rules with children is vital for keeping them safe in and around water.

Safety activities include:

  • Controlled entry ( “a grown up must be with me before entering the water”)
  • Deep water – Jump in and return to the edge
  • Introduction to treading water

Toddlers (24-36 months old) – $20
Transition – Preparing for Learn to Swim classes 

Class Schedule

TODDLERS & TRANSITION (24-36 months)

Monday: 11:00am Toddlers
Tuesday: 10:00am Transition
Wednesday: 10:00am  & 10:30am Toddlers
Thursday: 10:00am & 10:30am Toddlers
Saturday: 10:00am ,10:30am & 11:00am Toddlers